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Advanced White Water Leader

Learn about leading on advanced rivers and get qualified


Course Description

This course trains and assesses paddlers to perform and lead at the top level.  It involves a high level of personal skill, leadership ability and judgement to lead groups of paddlers with a range of experience, up to and including advanced white water.

Typical Training Itinerary

We start the course by sharing motivations and aims for the course.  After a warm up on the water, we will explore different strategies for leading rapids safely.  We will spend time developing personal your skills, looking at what equipment a leader should carry and how to give your group a great time on the river.

We will start day 2 sharing different ways to profile groups members and how that effects your leadership style.  We will unpack how; you, the environment and team, influence your leadership behaviours and how to support and challenge your team appropriately.  There will be more time for personal skills and opportunity to look at managing emergency scenarios.  We will finish the course with a review and help you develop an action plan towards future goals.

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In Brief

- 2 day training, 1 day assessment

- Experienced coaches

- Spean Bridge area

- Supportive, Relaxed, Quality

- Training £210, £230 assessment

Moriston advanced white water kayak leader


Spean Bridge area


- Personal Paddling Skills

- Rescue Skills

- Safety, Leadership & Group Skills

- Theory

For full details of the content covered, please refer to the Advanced White Water Kayak Syllabus. 


Assessment - 24th May
Combined Tarining and AWWSR - October 3rd - 7trh
Training - 15th - 16th October



Training £210
Assessment 1:1 £230