Advanced White Water Safety and Rescue

Keep you and your mates safe on advamced water

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Course Description

We think every white water kayaker operating on grade 3/4 water should do this course but I guess we are a bit biased. Our philosophy with the course is SAFETY and rescue, with a big focus on making the right decisions to prevent you having to dig into your rescue toolkit.  That being said, knowing how to deal with problems can allow you to have a safer and more enjoyable time on the water.

Typical Itinary

Day 1 - We will start by meeting the team, sharing experience and goals for the course.  The first morning is typically spent looking at building anchors, holding loads and mechanical advantages.  After a safe swimming and wading recap, we will gen in our kayaks to introduce some safe paddling strategies.  

Day 2 is usually a grade 3/4 river journey spent developing safe paddling strategies. As we travel downstream, we will explore managing people and kit on steep ground, setting up synchs, emergency procedures and solidify learning through a variety of controlled scenarios.


We run these courses all over Scotland and try to stay flexible so we can take advantage of where the water is. 

In Brief

- 2 day AWWSR course 

- Pre-requisite for Advanced White Water Leader award

- Experienced course providers

- £210

11th - 12th June 2022

This course aims to teach safe strategies to plan and execute enjoyable advanced river trips as a team. We will look at how to avoided incidents happening but also how to solve problems.if required.

Stabilising line in place white water safety rescue


- Recap learning from WWSR

- What kit we need to carry on advanced rivers

- Safe paddling strategies

- Building anchors ad belays

- Mechanical advantages

- Attaching a line to a trapped paddler

- Managing people on steep ground

- Emergency procedures

- Scenarios


"Thanks for a very useful weekend. I had fun, learned new skills, had new challenges whilst still feeling safe, met new people and jumped in a new river. So the best sort of canoeing weekend.


I liked your delivery style by keeping it relaxed whilst still treating things appropriately seriously so we could learn without feeling under pressure."

Sally Ward


11th - 12th June 2022

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