Advanced White Water Safety and Rescue

Keep you and your mates safe on advamced water


Course Description

We aim to teach simple and practical safety and rescue skills that can be applied appropriately to an advanced white water environment.



In Brief

- 2 day AWWSR course 

- Pre-requisite for Advanced WW River Leader

- Experienced course providers

- £180

What We Will Cover

- Improveing your awareness of safety skills in the moderate river environment.

- Personal survival skills.

- Throw line rescue techniques.

- Manageing emergency situations

- Basic rescue protocols that prioritise the safety of the individual above all others.

- The ‘clean line’ principle.​


April 3rd-4th 2021

"Thanks for a good and very useful weekend. I had fun, learned new skills, had new challenges whilst still feeling safe, met new people and jumped in a new river. So the best sort of canoeing weekend.


I liked your delivery style by keeping it relaxed whilst still treating things appropriately seriously so we could learn without feeling under pressure."

Sally Ward - Safety and Rescue course

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