Intro to Climbing

Experience outdoor rock climbing for the first time


Course Description

Try your hand at outdoor rock climbing and become inspired to do loads more in the future.

Who's this for?

People with no experience of climbing or someone wanting a refresher of the basics. This is also great for indoor climbers wanting to get some experience outdoors.

In Brief

  • 1-5 days

  • First experience climbing outside

  • 1:4 maximum ratio

  • Aviemore

  • Great value


"Jonny's coaching was always very encouraging and he was always looking at ways to adapt sessions so whilst practising and learning, I was enjoying it as well." 

Emma Dewer



What We Will Cover

  • Tying into the end of the rope

  • Belaying your climbing partner

  • Efficient movement on the rock

  • Methods to minimise risk whilst climbing


May 29th-30th 2021
or get in touch to find dates that work for you.


from £220

If you have done a bit of outside climbing and fancy learning how to lead climb, our Learn to Lead course would be a great option.