White Water Safety and Rescue

Keep you and your mates safe on the water

white water safety rescue reach rescue

In Brief

- 2 day WWSR course 

- Speyside

- Pre-requisite for WW Kayak and Canoe Leader

- WW kayak, Canoe or Packraft

- £200

24th-25th September  2022

A two day British Canoeing course to teach you how to paddle grade 2(3) safely and sort out any problems that do occurs.  This course is a pre-requisite for White Water Leader and Advanced White Water Safety and Rescue.

Course Description

We think every white water kayaker should do this course but I guess we are a bit biased. Our philosophy with the course is SAFETY and rescue, with a big focus on making the right decisions to prevent you having to dig into your rescue toolkit.  That being said, knowing how to deal with incidents can allow you to have a safer and more enjoyable time on the water.

Typical Itinary

D1 - We will start by meeting the team, sharing experience and goals for the course.  The first morning is typically spent looking at what rescue kit we carry and different throwline techniques. After lunch we will explore white water swimming techniques then move onto; "shout, reach and throw rescues" exploring a variety of techniques. 

D2 - This is typically a grade 2(3) river trip, focused on safe paddling strategies and solving problems on the water. We start by looking at how to set up our kit safely, then journey down exploring safe river running strategies.  We will move onto boat based rescues ranging from a paddle to boat and people.  We finish by setting up mechanical advantages to unpin stuck boats, stabilising trapped paddlers and scenarios to put all of the course learning in context.


Speyside, Perthshire and Fort William

white water safety rescue kayak tow

Course Highlights

-What kit to carry ad how to set it up

- Different throwline techniques

- Moving around in water confidently without a boat

- Shout, Reach and Throw rescues

- Planning safe river trips

- Different river running strategies

- Rescuing kit and people from you boat

- Mechanical advantages to free stuck kit

- Scenarios and emergency procedures

- Course summary and further learning


24th - 25th September 2022