White Water Safety and Rescue

Keep you and your mates safe on the water

white water safety rescue reach rescue

In Brief

- 2 day WWSR course 

- Speyside

- Pre-requisite for WW Kayak and Canoe Leader

- WW kayak, Canoe or Packraft

- £170

October 2nd-3rd

Course Description

We aim to teach simple and practical safety and rescue skills that can be applied appropriately to a moderate white water environment.



white water safety rescue kayak tow

What We Will Cover

- Managing river trips to avoid problems occurring

- Improving your awareness of safety skills in the moderate river environment

- Personal safety skills

- Shout, Reach, Throw, Row, Go rescues

- Basic rescue protocols that prioritise the safety of the individual above all others

- The ‘clean line’ principle.

- Managing emergency situations


April 30th - May 1st