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Advanced Rope Work

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Course Description

Become super confident with your rope skills in steeper terrain. From entering and exiting gorges, hauling gear around, to more complex water rescue skills.

A WWSR course or good knowledge of knots and experience using a throw-line would allow you to get the most from this course.

In Brief

- Advanced rope work for grade 3-5 rivers

- Simple techniques to make you a safer paddler

- Tailored to fit your needs

- 1:4 max. coaching ratio

- Great value


"Jonny's coaching was always very encouraging and he was always looking at ways to adapt sessions so whilst practicing and learning, I was enjoying it as well." 

Emma Dewer



What We Will Cover

  • Revision of  basic knots and throwline principles

  • Moving equipment up and down steep ground

  • Techniques to help us move on steep ground safely

  • Advanced throwline work

  • Recovering gear and people from advanced water


Get in touch to find dates that work for you



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