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Intro to Climbing

Scotland wide

1 day +

up to 1:4

From £60

Try your hand at outdoor rock climbing and become inspired to do loads more in the future.

Experience rock climbing for the first time
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Jonny Hawkins

Jonny has a passion for adventuring in the outdoors and loves helping others to work towards their goals and expand possibilities. He prides himself on his relaxed, friendly approach and teaching the most up-to-date information in a safe and supportive manner.

Jonny Hawkins
Jonny Hawkins
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- Tying into the end of the rope
- Belaying your climbing partner
- Efficient movement on the rock
- Methods to minimise risk whilst climbing

Whitewater Kayaking Scotland.JPG
Whitewater Kayaking Scotland.JPG

People with no experience of climbing or someone wanting a refresher of the basics. This is also great for indoor climbers wanting to get some experience outdoors.

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