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Hill Skills

Develop a strong set of skills to keep you safe in the hills

Tailor Made: News

Who's it for?

Course Description

Become a more competent and confident hill walker, allowing you to be more self sufficient.

In Brief

  • 2-5 days

  • Become a skillful, safe hillwalker

  • Tailored to fit your needs

  • 1:6 maximum ratio

  • Great value


"Jonny's teaching was always very encouraging and he was always looking at ways to adapt sessions so whilst practising and learning, I was enjoying it as well." 

Emma Dewer


People with some experience of hill walking as part of a group, wanting to become more self sufficient.


What We Will Cover

  • Planning a day in the hills

  • Interpreting weather forecasts

  • Planning a suitable route

  • Mountain navigation

  • Looking at what equipment to carry

  • Decision making on the hill

  • Understanding more about the mountain environment

  • Identifying and dealing with mountain hazards

  • Emergency procedures


Get in touch to find dates that suit you.


from £220

​If you want us to look after all of the navigation and decision making, check out our Classic Hill Walking course where we lead you up and down the best mountains in Scotland.

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