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Can you help us reduce our plastic usage?

Over New Year, with a few friends, we agreed to the challenge of seeing how much we can reduce our plastic usage by.

As well as the environmental benefits, we are interested to see how it will change our diets, our food bill and discover what are the plastic items we can't live without (cheese = yum, but also = packaging). It is easy to be cynical about people's efforts to reduce their environmental impact (like the fact I paddle a big plastic thing for work) but lots of small changes add up to a big one and by sharing my experiences, I hope to help others reduce their plastic waste as well.

Pyranha Kayaks use between 15-25% recycled plastic in each boat they make

It is very early days but here are a few of the changes we have made so far...

We are very much new comers to this and I'm sure that many of you will have some tricks and tips to share. There are many things that we haven't found solutions for yet such as outdoor equipment, cleaning products and the dreaded Lateral Flow Tests! It would be great to hear any ideas or advice you have by either dropping us a message or leaving a comment below. Any help is much appreciated :) Thanks in advance,


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