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Navigation Improver

Become a highly skilled navigator

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navigation improver

Course Description

Become a more confident and competent navigator.

Who's it for?

In Brief

  • 1-2 days

  • Improve your existing navigation skills

  • Tailored to fit your needs

  • 1:6 maximum ratio

  • Aviemore

  • Great value

People with some hill walking experience wanting to become more independent or people wanting to refresh their navigation skills.

navigation skills learn

"Jonny's coaching was always very encouraging and he was always looking at ways to adapt sessions so whilst practising and learning, I was enjoying it as well." 

Emma Dewer



What We Will Cover

  • Uses of different map types/scales

  • Advanced contour interpretation

  • Navigating without a compass

  • Utilising a practical navigation formula

  • Micro and macro navigation skills

  • Techniques to navigate in low visibility

  • Relocation techniques


Get in touch to arrange dates that suit you.


from £110

If you want to learn a wider range of skills for hill walking, the Hill Walking Skills course will be idea for you. 

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