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Long Term Development
Long Term Development
Long Term Development

Long Term Development

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This is by far the best way to progress your paddling. With chance to practice after each session, you will experience quality long lasting improvements.

Coaching over a series of progressive sessions for improving skills & confidence with quality coaching & instruction
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The best way to learn is by receiving professional coaching little and often. We have had lots of success with our Long Term Coaching clients and would love to help more clients develop like them. We will take time to really understand, where you are at and more importantly where you are going with your kayaking so we can create a bespoke and tailored training package for you. We can meet anywhere from once a week to once a month and usually work over a years timeframe however this is of course down to the paddlers requirements. The sort of things that we can work with you on

  • Information gathering and planning a day

  • Developing good WW foundations, skills & maneuveres

  • River reading

  • Picking and hitting lines

  • Tactics to utilise the waters energy

  • Increasing your confidence and independence

  • Building control and consistency to hit the line, every time

  • Tools to improve you mindset, motivation and enjoyment

  • Methods to control nerves and focus energy positively

  • Training programs to improve; strength, power, flexibility and endurance on the water

  • Driving the boat with confidence

  • Developing a solid & reliable boof

  • Exploring opportunities to play the river

  • Freestyle

At the end of each session we will review your learning and help you create an action plan to maximise your time before the next session. You will build an enhanced toolkit of skills to work on to increase your confidence, control and enjoyment of kayaking!

The low coaching ratio, completely bespoke coaching and opportunity to cement learning between sessions is a recipe for success which we would love you to experience.

Long Term Development
Long Term Development
Course Content
Long Term Development

No experience required, get in touch to discuss your personalised sessions and development plan.

Your Instructor

Jonny Hawkins

Jonny has a passion for adventuring in the outdoors and loves helping others to work towards their goals and expand possibilities. He prides himself on his relaxed, friendly approach and teaching the most up-to-date information in a safe and supportive manner.

Jonny Hawkins
Jonny Hawkins
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